Josha Stradowski Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth And Latest Update

Josha Stradowski is an actor from the Netherlands. Josha Stradowski is well recognized for his roles as ‘Joris’ in the Dutch film Gewoon Vrienden (2018) and ‘Rand Al’ Thor’ in The Wheel of Time (2021), Helvellyn Edge (filming) 2022.
Josha Stradowski Photo
Actor Josha Stradowski Photo

Josha Stradowski Biography & Wiki

Josha Stradowski was born in the Netherlands in 1995. He’s a young actor with a lot of potentials who now works for Netflix.

The Wheel Of Time – Trailer | By Prime Video

Josha is currently 26 years old (as of 2021). Actor Stradowski’s parents’ names have not been revealed. He is currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Actor Stradowski is a Dutch national. His eating habits aren’t completely vegetarian. He has Graduated of his educational experience.

He is a graduate student, according to his educational background. He received his diploma from the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

He also attended the Youth Theater Hofplein in Rotterdam from 2004 to 2008. The Dutch actor finished a preliminary dance training at Codarts in Rotterdam in 2008. From 20.9 to 2014, Stradowski studied acting at Theatre VWO Hofplein.

Josha Stradowski Age, Height, And Body Info

Josha Stradowski age 26-year-old has been in a number of films. His full name is Josha Stradowski, and his nickname is Josha. He’s a fantastic entertainer.

Josha height of 6′ 2½” (1.89 m). Josha Stradowski 75 kg (165 lbs). Stradowski’s body dimensions are unknown. His hair color is Light Brown, and his eyes color are green in color. Has Dutch and Polish ancestors.

Josha Stradowski Zodiac Sign

Stradowski’s zodiac sign is Taurus, hence his birthdate is March 1, 1995. Taurus is represented as the bull in Latin. Both stubbornness and desire are represented by this sign.

Josha Stradowski Wikipedia
Josha Stradowski Wikipedia

Is he the one who reflects both? On the antithesis, he is happy and confident in his ability to handle anything and everyone around him. Her lucky number is seven, and Friday is her lucky day.

Josha Stradowski Social Page Info

➢➢ Facebook (Verified) – Stradowski’s (@JoshaStradowski) Facebook account is also confirmed. His 3.6K Facebook followers

Josha Stradowski upcoming flim

➢➢ Instagram (Not Verified) – Josha Stradowski has a verified Instagram account (@joshastradowski). He now has 67 posts, 47.3k followers, and 287 followers on Instagram. Stradowski isn’t particularly active on Instagram, but he does post some of his favorite photos and videos there.

➢➢ Twitter (Not Verified) –  Stradowski’s Twitter handle is [@joshastradowsk1]. He joined Twitter in July of 2015. He has 8,229 followers following him on Twitter.

Josha Stradowski Relationships

Josha’s current relationship status is that he is either single or is not dating anyone. Despite having a large fan base who loves and supports him, he has never given his heart to anyone.

Maybe he’s looking for the perfect companion who will love and care for him, or maybe he just wants to avoid falling in love so he can focus on his career.

Josha Stradowski tv shows

He’s also kept his previous relationships under wraps. He could also be unskilled in the realm of affairs. He is aware of his privacy, as are most celebrities, and made every attempt to keep his private affairs private.

Josha Stradowski Net Worth

What is Josha Stradowski’s net worth? Between the years 2020 & 2021, his net worth increased so faster. So, at the age of 26, how much is Josha Stradowski worth? He is a successful actor who makes the most of his money. Josha is a Dutch citizen who was born in Rotterdam.

Assets, net worth, money, salary, and income for he have all been calculated. He hasn’t yet become a member of the club, but he is on his way. We looked into his current financial situation and concluded that he has a net worth of $3- $4 million.

For someone who has only been an expert actor for a short time, this is a remarkable achievement. He will undoubtedly amass a million-dollar fortune if not much more if he continues on his current path.

Josha Stradowski Biography & Wiki

 Wiki & Biography
Real Name Josha Stradowski
Josha Stradowski Nickname Josha
Josha Stradowski Profession Actor
Josha Stradowski Age 26 years Old (as of 2021)
Josha Stradowski Date of Birth 1995
Josha Stradowski Birthplace Rotterdam, Netherlands
Josha Stradowski Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Dutch and Polish descent
Religion Christianity
Height, Weight & Body Measurements
Height in Centimeters 189 cm
Height in meters 1.89 m   
Height in Inches  6′ 2½” in  
Weight in Kilograms 75 kg  
Weight in Pounds 165 lbs
Body Measurements Will update
Chest Size Will update
Waist Size Will update
Biceps Size Will update
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Family and Relatives
Father Will update
Mother Will update
Brother Will update
Sister Will update
Affairs, Girlfriends, and Marital Status
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Will update
Wife/ Spouse Will update
Son Will update
Daughter Will update
Education and School, College
Josha Stradowski Educational Qualification Graduated
School Will update
College/ University Academy for Theater and Dance
Favorites Things and Like & Dislike
Favorite Actor Will update
Favorite Actress Anne Hathaway
Favorite Color Jason Momoa
Favorite Food Will update
Favorite Movie Not Known
Josha Stradowski Hobbies Traveling, Listening to music, Reading, Dancing and Acting
Money Factor
Josha Stradowski Net Worth $3 – $4 million dollars
Salary Not Known
Contact Address
House Address Will update
Phone Number Will update
Email Id Will update
Website Will update
Social Media

Josha’s Career

Josha debuted on stage in the musicals ‘Kuifje: De Zonnetempel,’ ‘Ciske de Rat,’ and ‘The Sound of Music’ in 2006. He went to Lucia Marthas and Codarts for acting classes.

He played Freddie in ‘Naranjina en de Kadekapers,’ ‘Pascal’ in the television series ‘Spangas,’ and appeared in ‘Dokter Tinus,’ ‘Verborgen Verhalen,’ and ‘Dokter Tinus,’ among others. Josha graduated from Amsterdam’s Theatre School in 2018. He appeared in Toneelgroep Oostpool’s ‘Gender’ and ‘Bromance,’ directed by Timothy de Gilde, and Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s ‘Oedipus,’ directed by Robert Icke.

Josha Stradowski Photo

He’s also starred in a few short films and the television film ‘Just Friends,’ which won numerous international prizes, and he was named a Subtitle Film Festival shooting star in 2018.

In 2020 he starred as Rutger in the worldwide series High Flyers . He will play as Rand Al’Thor, one of the main characters, in the Sony Pictures and Amazon series The Wheel of Time, which will premiere worldwide in 2021. He’s now in Prague filming the second season.

”The Wheel of Time” Review

There are a few well-known fantasy series outside of the fantasy community: Lord of the Rings for its scope and the precedents it set for the genre; Harry Potter for its appeal to young/inexperienced readers; and A Song of Ice and Fire for the absolute dumpster fire that was the Game of Thrones TV show.

The Wheel of Time, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the most acclaimed fantasy series. It’s no surprise it’s sold over 80 million copies, with author Patrick Rothfuss (who created another famous series, The Kingkiller Chronicle) describing it as a genre monolith and citing it as one of the main causes Brandon Sanderson got into writing in the first place.

Josha Stradowski Lifestyle
Stradowski Lifestyle Photo

Anyone who says the series isn’t the best thing since the Bible hasn’t read it or should be escorted back to the nursing home because their dementia is definitely worsening. Of course, anything I say is a personal opinion… I don’t like to think of it that way, though.

The Wheel of Time is a fourteen-book fantasy series written by Robert Jordan and finished by Brandon Sanderson (15 if you include the prequel novella). Although 14 volumes may appear to be a big task, it is well worth it in the end.

When reviewing some of the later novels, some individuals claim that the series can feel a little slow at times due to Jordan’s writing style, and that they are tiresome. This argument doesn’t hold water for me because all of the books have been published, and you don’t have to wait two years between novels to see almost nothing happen in the major plot.

All things considered, it’s a very well-paced series. In terms of the downsides, I have very few complaints about the series, and the ones I do have are primarily nitpicked that aren’t worth discussing.

The Eye of the World is the original book in the series. It has been called a Lord of the Rings rip-off, although Jordan himself described it as Lord of the Rings as he would have written it in interviews, and you can be sure that the volumes become quite original.

While the first book is excellent and sets the tone for the remainder of the series, the second book surpasses it. The novel begins to build up to its finale right from the start of the prologue. Everyone is talking about it throughout the novel, with all of the characters converging on one location. The only way to describe it once they arrive is epic.

This is a trope that appears a few more times in the story, and each time it does, it’s nothing short of brilliant. The third book is fantastic, and it truly completes the first “trilogy” in the series. This ushers us into the fourth book, in which everything changes. This is the point at which the series goes from being a fantastic fantasy series to being the most magnificent piece of fiction ever written.

The Shadow Rising is one of the best books of all time, if not the best. This is when the series really shines: new cultures are introduced, plot twists abound, and we get to see the entire ensemble of characters blossom. While the preceding three novels’ stories are essentially self-contained, this one is quite different. Jordan proceeds to reveal narrative points one by one, until it reaches a point where it is no longer a traditional fantasy, but rather a massive, sweeping world that justifies the fourteen novels.

In this volume, many of the characters you’ve grown to love become more nuanced, and many of them have their personalities fully fleshed out. This book and series are made up of a stunning quantity of new civilizations, well-written characters, and magic system growth. While the first three volumes are a conventional quest-style adventure (which isn’t a bad thing and is done far better than most other books), after book four, the series evolves into something much more.

This feeling of a vast globe, complete with politics, history, and its own problems, pervades the rest of the series. Although novels seven through ten are the least exciting (and some could even call them boring) in the series, I believe this assessment is unfair because they establish so many narrative aspects that are crucial later on, as well as aid to flesh out different people and countries. Again, the books are all sold out, so it’s not a big deal. If you stick with it, you’ll find that book eleven is simply fantastic, not only as one of Jordan’s best works (it’s a sort of comeback for him), but also as one of the best works in fantasy. Jordan, unfortunately, died shortly after finishing this novel.

Before I go into the Sanderson novels, I’d like to point out a few other aspects that contribute to the success of this series.

One of the best elements of the series is that Robert Jordan created a complete system of swear words, which adds a lovely touch to the universe. There’s also the magic system, which is lovely, well-thought-out, and interacts with the environment in a fascinating way, perfectly complementing the series’ outstanding storyline. Finally, the civilizations, which are possibly the best component of the series as a whole.

Though Jordan’s writing can be a little wordy for some, it is apparent that it presents a clear and in-depth image of the world. When it comes to many of the worlds featured in other series, the more you dig into them, the more you realize that it’s all a ruse, and that they’re not nearly as deep or complicated as you first imagined.

The converse is true with the Wheel of Time: the deeper you go, the more you discover how intricately built and thought out the entire world is. The many cultures have their own histories and trends, as well as their own motives and approaches to certain situations.

The novels even go into detail about the many methods they battle, including weapons specific to individual tribes and the histories behind those weapons.

The level of detail placed into each country is quite astounding. Jordan’s death was one of the most terrible events in the history of World of Warcraft and the fantasy community in general. Jordan died on September 17th, 2007, at the age of 58, from a rare and severe blood condition after only finishing eleven of the twelve volumes, according to his blog.

Fans of the novels were given some optimism since, in the weeks leading up to his death, his wife and publisher worked with him to jot down practically everything about the final book on notes so that it could be finished by another author. Following his death, his publisher and wife sought to locate a new author to complete the series.

During their search, they came across Brandon Sanderson (in my opinion, the greatest fantasy author of the previous decade) through his eulogy for Jordan, who was eventually picked to finish the series.

Now it’s time for the Sanderson novels. It would be an understatement to say that the way he closed the series was spectacular. The memory of Light was divided into three books, and these are among the greatest in the series, unanimously appreciated even by those who disliked the Wheel of Time books after book four.

Sanderson was able to cover all of the plot aspects, bringing up the stories of all of the characters, and providing the reader with a very gratifying finish. Despite the fact that Jordan wrote the final chapter before his death, Sanderson’s build-up to it was amazing. There’s not much I can say about it without giving away significant plot points, but I really urge you to read it— it’s fantastic.

If you’re searching for a long fantasy series with interesting characters and dangerous antagonists, the Wheel of Time trilogy is a must-read.

Josha Stradowski Family

If you wish to start reading The Wheel of Time, I’ll leave you with a few pointers. First and first, Micheal Kramer and Kate Reading’s audiobooks are fantastic, and among the best audiobooks available. So if you’re intrigued by the premise but don’t enjoy reading, or simply want to listen to anything while doing something else, this is a good alternative.

If you wish to read the prequel, A New Spring, I recommend doing so after book ten, or at the absolute least before book six if you don’t want to wait that long. Below are links to purchase the book as well as a free excerpt from the beginning if you aren’t sure if you want to buy it.

I simply can’t say enough good things about this series; it’s wonderful, and it solidifies Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson as the monarchs of epic fantasy.


➢ Helvellyn Edge (filming) 2022
➢ The Wheel of Time (TV Series) (post-production) 2021
➢ High Flyers (TV Series) 2020
➢ Instinct 2019/III
➢ Alpha (Short) 2019/II
➢ Mannen van Mars 2018
➢ Just Friends (TV Movie) 2018
➢ I Can Fly (Short) 2017
➢ Boys on Film 13: Trick & Treat 2015
➢ Caged (Short) 2013
➢Hidden Stories (TV Series) 2012
➢ Spangas (TV Series) 2011-2012
➢ Naranjina en de kadekapers (TV Series) 2011..See More

Josha Stradowski Awards

OUT at the Movies Int’l LGBT Film Fest – 2018

Best performance in a leading role – Gewoon Vrienden (2018)

Favorite Items

Books: Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Letters to a Young Poet,’ and Robert Jordan’s ‘The Eye of the World.’
Poland, Croatia, Prague, Tucson, and Los Angeles are all popular travel destinations.


  • He speaks Dutch, English, and German fluently.
  • He enjoys music and is capable of singing and playing the piano.
  • Tennis, kitesurfing, boxing, archery, sword fighting, swimming, and horseback riding are among his other talents.
  • Sadowski, Josha Horseback Riding
  • Riding Horse Josha Stradowski
  • Josha Stradowski was born in the Netherlands and raised in Poland.
  • In 2018, he won Best Performance in a Leading Role at the OUT at the Movies Int’l LGBT Film Fest for the film ‘Gewoon Vrienden.’

Josha Stradowski Contact & Booking Address

Talent Agent

Subtitle Talent
+44 7554887310 phone
85 Great Portland Street
First Floor
London W1W 7LT
United Kingdom

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